The Exception, Avery&Hayden

Moving on. Since Hayden had come back to New York all he had done was try to move on. But old habits die hard and he always fell into Sophia’s arms every time he got the chance. But he was over the girl now and ready to explore new blond words.

Avery Brown had something special that caught Hayden’s eye since the day they met. She wasn’t her type, a dyed blonde that is worse than being natural blonde in Hayden’s pyramid. It’s like refusing to your own intelligence. But Avery was different among her specie and people working at Annie’s at the end. She wasn’t tall, thin and got blue eyes like the other models, but she had something Hayden had missed since he arrived in New York, personality… And curves. That’s why Hayden asked her out.

Hayden couldn’t remember the last time he had a date, without alcohol and sex. Probably he had never had one, and his probabilities of fucking up the night were.disturbingly high. Since Hayden was in New York working in the fashion industry he had learnt enough go have appropriate clothes for every kind of event. He wanted to look informal but show that he cared. Finally after a while trying clothes he picked a Eleven Paris white t-shirt they gave him when he worked for them, with his new Levi’s and a g-star raw leather jacket. When he finished getting ready, it took him more than he expected, he went to pick Avery.

Hayden wasn’t the kind of man who would give flowers to his date, or take her to a romantic and luxurious restaurant. All he had was a book in an Italian restaurant that looked pretty decent if you didn’t notice the spider webs in the ceiling and the fake oregano from the pizzas, that was more like marihuana. Hayden finally went to her apartment and knocked the door, waiting for the answer.

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